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In MacSfera, I’m open to direct contact. You can do it in public or personaly, for that reason I give you few ways to contact with me.


Comments are a good method to contact me, to contact with the community, to express your opinion and to talk about what is written. Also, the questions and suggestions can be understand better with the general context of the article. Comments can help other readers too.


As a good website, I opened profiles in the most popular social networks to post or tweet new articles, but you can contact with me using them. This are the official profiles in Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube:


Of course, you can use the e-mail to contact me privately. You just have to use the form below.

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In case you decide contact me or other members of the community, please, be nice and respectful.

I’m not online all the time, so I will answer you when I can. It depends of the time and the difficult of the proposal or doubt. What I can assure you is that I will reply you if it’s not SPAM.

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